LCT(R)3 WW2 Landing Craft Tank (Rocket)


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LCT(R)(3), 1/300 scale WW2 Landing craft Rocket

One huge and very heavy model of a LCT(R) Mark 3 in white metal.

The British built LCT (R)3(landing craft tank, mark 3) saw use during WW2 by the allies. 

It was a LCT3 with the cargo section plated over and 1,044 5 inch rockets installed in cages

This very large white metal model measures 200mm long (that is almost 8 inches!) by 34mm wide, which is true 1/300 scale but it should do for 1/285 scale as well.

It has been cast in a good quality white metal alloy that contains lead.

Supplied unpainted in 18 parts


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