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  1. are you still producing landing craft as those on the web site are now limited


    1. Hi, the Zubr is still a work in progress, I doubt it is going to get done this year, sorry

  3. Hi, are you still making your trees? Tried to email you, but it seems not to be working.

    I have a 2016 tree price list.



    1. Hi Ian

      Sorry about the email, having some problems with it, no idea why

      Try amphibmods@hotmail.com

      I am still making the trees and the prices are still the same as 2016
      There are some on my ebay account as well, listed under ronny8664

      I will email you a new version of my price list

      Thank you

  4. Do you have a way to sand off the side ridges on your small and tall 1/300 shops? I’m trying to create a true city layout but in most European cities the building are flush with each other. The current extended ridges don’t allow for that. BTW: I love your buildings! Especially the fact that the roofs come off! I ordered several from eBay and I’m very pleased that you included your price list and website information in the order. I rather buy direct!

    Also, Have you considered created ruined versions of your buildings?

    1. Hi James
      First of all I do make ruined versions of the shops. I will list them on the website straight away. They are in the catalogue and on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/391972953748

      I was thinking of making the shops and other buildings with roof so that they can be butted together, I will have to get on with them. The roofs can be sanded down so the buildings fit together

      I have more buildings ready, just waiting for the moulds to be ready

      Thank you

      1. Thank you for the reply! I’ll look at the link. Can’t wait to see what else you create!

  5. Hello,

    Are you still able to produce the LCT 4 and LCT 5 as used by allied forces on D-Day?
    Would you consider making these in 1/200 scale?
    Many thanks Matt

    1. Hi Matt

      Yes I still make the LCT 4 and LCT 5, I will list them on the website as soon as I get time

      I’m afraid remaking them in 1/200th is just too much investment in time unless I can guarantee enough sales. And I just don’t think the demand would be enough, sorry


  6. Ian Starling of amphibmods for providing us with new models especially designed for our landing fleet and who spares some of his little time for this project. Thanks Ian – you might be a small manufacturer, but you are a great company anyway!

  7. Will you be doing a PBR at all?

    1. Hi, Yes I am working on one now, but it probably will not be ready until next year.
      Thank you

  8. Hi, Will you be producing the LCT6 again? Thank you

    1. Hi
      Yes I will be producing all the landing craft again, soon I hope.

      Maintenance work on the website and on the moulds means I have to pause production for a little while

      Thank you


      1. Thank you Ian. If not too much trouble, please do send an e-mail when ready. Thank you Larry

  9. Hi,
    I just came across a blog that said you made (or did make) a 1/300 scale DHC Caribou aircraft.
    It looked great, any info you can pass on?
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi
      Sorry for the late reply
      I have just listed my model of the C-7 Caribou on to the website

  10. Good morning, nothing on the website seems to be available. Are you still trading or still ‘paused’.

    I’m looking to buy some more of your Vietnam Riverine range for a participation game.


  11. Do you know when you will get your landing craft back in stock? Thanks. Paul

    1. Hi
      Sorry for the slow reply to your questions. I thought actions will speak louder than words, everything is back in stock.

      It was all available, I was just working on the website so it appeared that everything was out of stock

      Sorry again

  12. Do you have any pictures of your Sherman’s in your lists, very pleased with the buildings I bought. Thanks Kerry

    1. Hi
      Sorry for the delay in replying, I am making new moulds for the 1/300th scale vehicle models and I will add all new pictures for them once they are ready.


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